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Customer Engagement History – A Cludo Solution

Customer centricity has been at the centre of most business discussions over the last few years and rightly so. As technology advances, we as consumers have raised our expectations when it comes to customer service. Our relationships with our favourite brands become deeper as we engage with content, apps, storefronts and service centres alike.

Salesforce acknowledges this and provides a powerful platform that spans across several channels and is starting to tailor solutions to specific market verticals connecting people and devices alike with leading-edge technology like Einstein’s AI engines and IOT.

With this rapid advancement in technology comes the problem of data, lots of data. By 2020 we can expect to see 1.7mb created every second for every human on the planet. The question is, what do we do with this data and how do we create something meaningful from it to drive conversations with our customers and prospective customers alike?

At Cludo we’ve been working on an application that provides a view of every customer, lead or account and their respective engagements with your brand. What we saw were various data sources that although centralised in the Salesforce platform were not in a state to drive conversation and provide an understanding of what a customer had been through, the CRM user a customer had spoken to, their issues or what marketing that customer had been sent over a period of time in chronological order.

We call it CEH (Customer Engagement History), a flexible/ scalable solution to provide a linear view of a customer and their story. This solution combines data from Standard SF objects, ISV app exchange custom objects and granular marketing related details from
Salesforce marketing cloud.


Marketing cloud has always provided the view as webpage (VAWP) functionality which is great. However, this doesn’t always work as the link is generated from the source data which may change. With this change there is a change that the link may break or the content may change due to the contents of the email, We saw this is problematic for our solution. Our answer to this problem was created by using various marketing cloud functionalities where we created a view of the HTML at send time for each email and then exposed this to Sales/Service Cloud on call to help write each customer’s story for the end CRM user.


This is just one of many platform enhancements that we have in production for our great clients. We will continue to build upon this in future versions. Watch this space for exciting new Cludo projects that close the gap between brands, users and consumers.

Oscar McCall,

Marketing Cloud Practice Lead @ Cludo.

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