Natloans Health Check and Pardot


Natloans is a market-leading and award winning financial services broker offering loan products to business and individual customers. Natloans’ business model involves streamlining the way borrowers source and package their finance and providing highly personalised service, with almost half its client base comprising repeat business and customer referrals.

Melbourne-based with a strong online presence, Natloans sources leads from its website and via third-party lead generation sites. With a 2.5 year history as a user of Salesforce but without adequate Salesforce administration support, the solution had become misaligned to business direction and was struggling to meet the existing needs of the business. As a result, user workarounds and the use of off-platform paper-based forms had become the norm.

Natloans recognised the need for an improved solution and following a market search, Cludo was selected initially to undertake a health check of the system. Following the health check and the recommendations that stemmed from it, Cludo was engaged to refactor and improve the existing Salesforce solution to get it running to its full potential. Alongside this, and to extend Natloans’ digital channel penetration, Cludo implemented and integrated the Pardot marketing automation solution to enable Natloans to deliver highly targeted online marketing campaigns from a single platform and to better reach their target market and blur the lines between marketing and sales.

Solutions Provided

Natloans’ existing Sales Cloud based solution was improved organically and systematically to match business need. This commenced with Cludo mapping all in-scope processes and reconfiguring the data model to ensure alignment with both the current business environment and planned extensions to products and services.

Consistent with this approach, Cludo reconfigured the Salesforce workflow engine using Lightning Process Builder, allowing Natloans to more easily understand their workflows and take business user ownership of the content and rules used for messaging (via SMS) and emailing customers and prospects. Web-to-lead capabilities and coverage were upgraded and the solution was also extended to support cross-sell automation to existing customers.

Pardot was implemented, integrated and configured to allow Natloans to track the online behavior of prospects and customers before they apply for a loan. Utilised components include cookie tracker, email marketing and SEO/SEM integration. This provides Natloans with an accurate ROI for all Lead sources that apply for a loan which means Natloans can accurately measure what channels need the most attention and this help to guide channel investment decisions.

Reporting was extended and new dashboards created to provide end-to-end visibility of the pipeline and channel performance.


Natloans have increased the capacity of each Sales Consultant by introducing automatic assignment of Leads. Out-of-system workarounds no longer occur and the incidence of paper-based forms has all but been eliminated. The enhancements delivered have reduced the administration workload by 50%, freeing staff to focus on value-adding activities such as closing deals and finalising settlements.

Consistent SMS and email messages generated and sent automatically throughout the customer journey have seen a 5% increase in the total number of loan applications. Commensurate with this, average pipeline value has increased by greater than 5%.

The Managing Director now has a suite of reports that are emailed out daily or weekly which show all settlements, new leads and the pipeline of work for each consultant.


Cludo implemented the health check, environment upgrades and Pardot integration in 30 days.

Natloans expects a payback on this within 2 years based solely on the reduced administrative effort.

Project Details

  • Category: Evaluate, Innovate, Originate, Uplift, Salesforce, Sales Cloud, Apps Cloud, Pardot,
  • Project Date: 04/01/2017
  • Client: Natloans