Chandler Sales Cloud

Case Study Background

Chandler Personalised Communications (Chandler) is a business process outsourcer (BPO) providing personalised customer communication and technology services to corporate clients seeking heightened levels of customer intimacy and engagement.

With sales and service operations in four locations across Australia and New Zealand and in an environment of high growth and ongoing business and service expansion, Chandler sought an integrated enterprise system for the management of leads sales opportunities and existing accounts.

Driving Chandler’s need for a solution was the ability to innovate the sales process and empower staff to close new business and onboard clients more efficiently and effectively and provide comprehensive reporting to management of front-line business activities and performance.

Following an extensive market search, Chandler selected the platform for its features, breadth of functionality and proven ability in similar contexts. Salesforce’s platform-as-a-service characteristics and integration capabilities were also important decision determinants. Cludo was chosen to implement the solution based on the credentials of its staff, its philosophy of customer intimacy, the transparency and predictability of its delivery method and its proven ability to innovate and add value throughout the solution delivery process.

Solution Provided

Chandler’s Salesforce solution is based on Sales Cloud and features Lightning Experience UI and Active Directory enabled single sign on (SSO) for an optimised user experience. Lead, Opportunity, Account, Contact and Activity Management is delivered using standard Sales Cloud functionality and custom extensions are implemented to support web-to-lead, lead and territory assignment and client quote generation functionality.

Quote Management features integration with Chandler’s finance and operational systems to synchronise Product and Price Book information. Process Builder workflows are used to automate quote approvals in line with Chandler delegation authorities.

Email integration with MS Exchange is achieved using SalesforceIQ and the in-the-field needs of mobile staff are catered for using Salesforce1. The solution features comprehensive reporting and tailored, role-specific dashboards, providing end-to-end visibility of the sales process and sales performance across all Chandler locations and the ability to track and differentiate between forecasted and actual revenue on a rolling year-to-date basis.


The Salesforce solution boosts organisational efficiency and effectiveness by automatically attending to and assigning leads based on workflow rules, providing client-facing staff member with a clear, consistent and focused view of where sales effort should be directed. All sales activity is now tracked, measured and aligned to KPIs in a central location and escalations and follow-up rules automatically applied to ensure high service standards are achieved and client satisfaction maintained.

Quote generation is now a seamless and efficient process, replacing the previous system of multiple, loosely-controlled spreadsheets. Integration with Chandler’s finance and operational systems ensures product and pricing changes are automatically reflected in quotes and that this carries through to fulfilment and billing, eliminating considerable manual effort and ensuring end-to-end integrity of quoting, forecasting and billing.

The solution creates efficiencies throughout the reporting process, providing all staff with self-service capabilities and allowing easy roll-up of management reporting of key business performance measures.


The solution was implemented in two phases over a nine week period. Chandler expects to recoup this investment in less than 18 months through the efficiencies generated across the business. Alongside this, a number of non-financial benefits will also be delivered through improved service quality and improved, real-time reporting and visibility.

Chandler CEO Daniel McKean stated, “when we set out on this journey we were looking for a solution which would increase the visibility of our sales pipeline and better support our expanding business. What we have ended up with is a solution that is transforming our business and how we engage with our customers. I only wish we had done this sooner.”

Project Details

  • Category: Evaluate, Innovate, Originate, Salesforce, Sales Cloud,
  • Project Date: 01/30/2017
  • Client: Chandler